The Charities

At An Hour or So we aim to provide continued support to a number of Charities. Currently, those Charities are:

The Nelson's Journey Vision: "Every bereaved child in Norfolk will look forward to a positive future, empowered to reach their full potential". Our ambition is perhaps best summarised by our strap line:  bringing back smiles.

NANSA has worked for over 60 years to improve the lives of people in Norfolk with physical, sensory and learning disabilities. NANSA is a local independent charity and believes that all people with disabilities are entitled to full inclusion in society. NANSA aims to empower people in Norfolk with disabilities to achieve their life aspirations.

NANSA provides support, education, training and advice to people of all ages and disability levels.

The break vision is to ensure children, young people and families reach their full potential and shape their own futures in a safe and creative environment.
We provide services of the highest quality, working together to create stability and improve opportunities for a better future.

Norfolk Wildlife Trust is the oldest Wildlife Trust in the country. Our vision for Norfolk:

  • where the future of wildlife is protected and enhanced through sympathetic management
  • and people are connected with and inspired by Norfolk's wildlife and wild spaces

Age UK Norfolk celebrates age and works with older people to improve quality of life and promote independence.

As we grow older we look forward to enjoying a more relaxed and carefree life. But some older people may find they have limited access to services and support.

Together we campaign for the rights of people in later life. We aim to raise awareness of the issues affecting older people throughout Norfolk.

Age UK Norfolk is dedicated to working with and for older people across Norfolk, to help make later life a fulfilling and enjoyable experience.

The Big C Vision is to enable Norfolk & Waveney to be a centre of excellence for the provision of cancer services, and to contribute to the international reputation for excellence in cancer research locally.

We are dedicated to the fight against cancer and its effect on the individual and the family. To this end we aim to promote partnerships between the statutory, private and voluntary sectors, which together will develop first class cancer research and services. We will become the go to organisation for the people of Norfolk & Waveney when cancer support and information services are required.

Mind West Norfolk are an independent local charity. We promote positive mental health and social inclusion within the community and provide a variety of resources for people with a mental health issue, their families and friends.

We aim to support people to build a meaningful life for themselves and inspire hope for recovery, with or without the continuing presence of mental health problems.