Boost your business whilst helping charity!

Looking for something to give your business a boost? Find below consultations to improve your business, as well as services to be used - including Web Design, Graphic Design, PA Services and more!

1 hour session from Kerry Brind of Write to Win Business

£10 Each

Offering a coaching/consulting session about Copywriting, Blogging, Content Marketing (inc mails / newsletters / social media / opt-ins etc), SEO, PR (press coverage/guest blogging etc), and Content Editing & Reviewing.

1 hour session from Karen Eason Certified Accountant
£10 Each

Offering accountancy and tax services/advice.

1 hour session from Hannah Smith of Invoke Marketing
£10 Each

Offering marketing consultation and a demo of digital signage benefits.

1 hour session from Sam James Coaching
£10 Each

Offering Skype / Facetime / Telephone coaching.

1 Hour session from Glow Virtual Assistants
£10 Each

Offering general admin and PA services, event or project management advice, bookkeeping/data input, and writing services.

Two 1 hour sessions from Tom Harvey of MAAC Air Conditioning
£10 Each

Offering independent advice on saving money on any heating systems, in any type of building, from a home to hotel.

1 hour session from Natalie Chapman of Trusted Wills and Probate
£10 Each

Offering advise regarding wills, powers of attorney and trusts, etc. Natalie will also offer 25% off further fees if you further use her services (excluding disbursements and lifetime trusts).

1 hour session from Rod Springall of Advent Business Sales
£10 Each

Offering advise on: - Valuing a business; Preparing business for sale; Making a business sellable; What prevents the sale; Financial information required; Personal information & ID required; Using a business broker / agent, versus, doing it yourself; The main costs; Acquiring a business in a specific sector/location; Types of finance available.