Norfolk-based Initiative to Help Local Businesses and Charities

'An Hour or So' is a Norfolk-based initiative launched in October 2016 where local businesses give an hour of their services in exchange for a charitable donation.

Local entrepreneur and business owner, Serena Fordham, launched the scheme to help local businesses connect, communicate and grow, while donating to local worthy causes.

The scheme intends to benefit local businesses and charities.

The Giver:

  • Many service businesses offer a one-hour free consultation anyway, therefore this hour will now benefit from gaining a charitable donation.  Plus, this assists the CSR of the business.
  • The giver will hopefully gain more clients from this scheme (however this cannot be guaranteed).

The Receiver:

  • The receiver will be able to 'try before they buy' without a service costing it's full value, which they might not otherwise be able to afford.
  • The receiver can try out the service to see if it works for them before they commit.

The Charities:

  • The local charities benefit from a cash donation to help fund their valuable work within the local community.
  • A full list of the Norfolk-based charities the scheme supports can be found on our Charities page.

In order to take part, please check out our Pledge Categories to see what pledges are available to claim:

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